Saturday, December 23, 2006


Drama marathon is always so exciting and fun especially when you are watching an excellent drama, and 愛殺17 is really worthy of it's many awards in this year 金钟奖.

The story has a mixed genre between a detective show, thriller and yet reflective of many social issues, with its own share of sadness. Everyone is telling lies to cover up their secrets and yet when the story slowly unravels itself you start to realise that the truth is not what it seems to be, with dramatic twists in almost every episode, but yet you will not be bored with all the twists. Furthermore, the drama just keep you wanting to finish it, and with just 14 episodes it is just good while it last. Lastly, the ending is definitely not abrupt with almost 2 episodes concluding the whole story.

Overall the show is definitely a must watch, with a story line you can't hardly find in other dramas. And what is the use of watching if you cannot get any meaning out of the story, thus find out the moral of the story and perceive it yourself.

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