Monday, December 25, 2006


满城尽带黄金甲 really lives up to it's title, that is the entire city or rather palace is almost covered in gold, especially the part where 周杰伦 leads his soldiers, and everyone is wearing golden armour. 周润发 really acted his character really well, with an aura that fits that of a king, above anyone else. 巩俐 on the other hand, though has the aura of someone high above, but cannot really bring out the craziness of her character.

Feels really strange watching 周杰伦 acting and rather uncomfortable too. Took me like 30 mins into the movie to get use to seeing him act, though i must say his fighting parts seem rather well for a first timer to fighting scene. Somehow typical of most 张艺谋 show, it is more artistic than exciting to watch, with simple plot that has nothing to look forward to. But yet, i guess since movie is about plot, image and sound, probably this movie is more of a image pleasure rather than a roller coaster ride. Furthermore, since there are more movies that focus more on storyline rather than sets and costumes, this movie is a must watch to balance the effects of movie.

After the movie went to eat Fondue, and first time in my life i feel that i'm kind of drunk from eating too much chocolate, such that my heart beat increases till the rate like i'm running, feel like vomiting and totally going to concuss any moment. Maybe it's just the kind of high on chocolate but i'm not sure, just that i better avoid eating too much next time.

And something i just realised today is my secondary school scouts teacher-in-charge is going to further her studies and leaving JSS, something that i learnt from my scouts friendster bulletin that was posted like 1 week ago, so not sure if she has already left or going where to further her studies. I tried to send her an email but apparently it bounced back, maybe her moe email account is already suspended or something. Oh well... no one going to organise yearly scout gathering damn....

Merry Christmas to everyone.................

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