Thursday, December 28, 2006


My exam result is bad again, but this time it is worse than before, such that my overall CAP drop below 3rd class. Apparently my first A- did not do anything to help pull up my result, or rather my other result suck so much that 1 A- cannot do anything to help. Seem like i really have to wake up and start doing something, or else why bother study and just quit school.

Another task on hand is to decide what i want to do in the future. One may think that you can wait till you graduate then decide what you want to do, but like what my sister said (apparently i always like to quote what my father and sisters say), now it is better to study to engage in activities that will help your future dealings. I was thinking of trying to aim for computer games creation, though i suspect how Electrical Engineering can link to that area.

One article that i find rather meaningful or interesting to read, from the blog of 炎亞綸 from 飛輪海 One realise that the world you are living in is not what you grew up in.

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