Friday, January 05, 2007

Death Note : The Last Namae

Have you caught Death Note 2 : The Last Name yet? I certainly have and in fact watched it twice, not because it is good but because the second time there wasn't any other movie available, so oh well double death. I like this sequel better than the first movie, maybe because now i am more acceptable to movie plot that is different from the original adaption, and because the ending is quite sensible and quite a twist too. This part also move faster in term of it's story plot as compared to the first movie, such that it don't get too boring.

But strange to say, both times that i watched the movie, i realised that there will always be quite a bit of laughter, that one might mistake that he is watching a comedy rather than a thriller. I guess that this kind of adding humor is quite a touch to the otherwise monotonous storyline, and same as the first movie, i'm just there to watch the weird actions of L, the franchise of Death Note, and the movie by Tatsuya Fujiwara.

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