Thursday, January 04, 2007


How you manage to come to fancy something never fails to amaze me. I believe that everyone has their own preference, or rather criteria that is quite innate that will determine itself in probably micro seconds to determine if you like that plate of chicken rice you just bought or just what kind of clothings you like to wear. But sometime the things that you choose can be so contrasting in nature that it fall short of coming from the same set of rules that govern your preference.

On the other hand, you might choose one over the other despite different items being only like 10% different, thus i conclude that maybe factors such as venue, situation, people you are with etc does affect your innate criteria, that will change over time. Furthermore, the brain will tend to accept things that one desire more easily, therefore in order to persuade people effectively, one can try to let the other party have the impression that the idea you are promoting is his own idea, despite it being your idea.

But the main essence behind this criteria probably is the irrational behaviour, that is why it keeps evolving over time, be it good or bad. It is not easy to explain your preference, let alone trying to find out what is truly the criteria that is in you.

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