Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Midweek wednesday

A lot of strange things can happen anytime and anywhere. I just lost my toshiba thumb drive a few days back or is it last week, and here i am, at the IT cluster found a thumb drive that is almost the same as my, that is a toshiba 2gb thumb drive but with different contents. So i went through whatever is inside and found out that it contains lots of reports and FYP stuff, so well... if the owner never check his email soon, that thumb drive is my.

Another strange thing that happened to me is i think i saw u-jin and his girlfriend at choa chu kang interchange when i came home just now. Why i can only think? Because before that i was sleeping throughout on the bus home and when i alight at the interchange i only took a side look. But anyway all these are not the main points. At the end of the day, my main point is how i have seen so many of my juniors, last time like so small in size as compared to me and now they seem to be bigger than me. Though i hate to feel like i've grown up, it is rather sad that my size never really grow throughout the years, such that i'm kind of like in the body of a teenager. Not that it is bad... since i rather not to grow up XD

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