Saturday, April 07, 2007

Almost exam again

How fast time flies, and it is the time of the semester when the exam approaches. Somehow it is too this time of the year when i will always feel confused, not sure which direction to go and what things to should i start doing first. Though not exactly sure, but i am glad that this period of time started the way it usually is.

I am kind of getting use to this once in a while event, and grateful that things doesn't change much with time, though i am not exactly sure whether in reality did anything really change. Despite how positive i am, i am still kind of a bit regret of the events that changes everything, but i know eventually it might be the best, as long as i don't leave it to fate.

Strangely getting bored of everything i have done so fast, and i thought i'm burnt out and through with the stuffs i cherish so much, but in the end it might yet to be. Maybe it is time for me to focus and put in my full effort on something more physical, rather than trying to catch up with hopes that i know how the ending will eventually turn out. Why i cannot understand any bits or pieces, which i can normally sense in other situation, or maybe because i am just blind to to the truth. Despite so, i just hope the remaining time will be as memorable as the previous two times, because i surpass looking with my eyes, and in the end, i realise that thing is just so simple.

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