Thursday, April 19, 2007


Non-gamers tend to find that playing games is a waste of time, and these time could be better well spent at doing other "more enriching activities". However, i tend to find such views at best a form of ignorance but normally some form of stupidity. A form of ignorance just because they did not experience the fun in playing games, which applies to any form of games be it sports or boardgames, which are similar in nature, to develop your brain or brawn. However, more often than not stupidity comes into play. One failed to realise the potential of the gaming industry as a hobby, and continue to look down the future in gaming. A successful game can be easily make more revenues than other other industries save for perhaps daily needs.

One may say that gaming often make someone addicted such that they forgone the things they need to do, however this applies to any activities when done in excess, which is detrimental no matter what form of activities they might be. This can applies to being too devoted to one Co-curriculum activities, which itself doesn't sounds too bad in nature. But when doing a comparison to what others want you to do, it can be what they term as a waste of time. So as we can see, basically whatever you do can be bad as long as the perceiving party does not approve your activity.

On the other side of the argument, gaming gives one a sense of achievement, which is why people might enjoy gaming as much as activities like studying or sports. Furthermore, with the rise of MMORPG or other forms of online gaming, it also create interaction between people instead of becoming a loner like what people tend to believe. Some may argue that interaction through chat is losing it's human touch and these people will not be able to interact on a physical environment. However, i wonder how valuable at times are these form of physical interaction where how people deals with each other base on status and looks. As least in gaming people interact on a basis of interests, though basic concepts of human interaction need to be considered.

Maybe i am biased because i am a gamer myself. But despite so, i do acknowledge the fact that gaming can be bad when done in excess, which can easily be applied to anything. However, what critics of gaming should know that this trend is here to stay, just because it is not as popular as chess or any form of brain racking activities does not necessary means it is worse, considering that the other activities have many many more years head start. So the next time you think anyone is wasting their time playing games, considering how much you have wasted just by watching television.

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