Friday, April 27, 2007


After dunno how many weeks or months, today is the only day that i have spent the day alone at home. Prior to this are the days spent in school studying, having lessons, going out or family at home. It is really a tranquility to just stare at the ceiling, well not literally but rather just enjoy some chocolate and having an afternoon nap. Sounds boring, but it is not everyday that one can just slack the day through without anyone wanting you to help them to run any errand.

So people are finishing their exams one after another, and soon will be my turn, which happens to be next Thursday, though i probably need to start work straight after that. Well that kind of left me with no choices, no need to waste my time thinking what i should do during my long holidays apart from spending money as usual, but maybe i should find a temporary job instead of working at my dad's, afterall it will be a different environment.

Things to look forward... hopefully i will make a trip to Beijing, hopefully more oversea vacation coming up, but sad to say... the release of Warhammer has delayed. This means i might not get the game before i go to Finland, that is if i go since up till now no result of my application yet. Projects matters that i do not want to fret over until i bid for my modules near August. This is going to be a much more different long break as compared to last year, and i'm definitely a different person. Oh, and i just think my new handphone is so stylishly reddy.

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