Sunday, April 29, 2007

Whine Whine Whine!

It can get so frustrating when you cannot excel in the things you do because of glass ceiling, be it your background, how the nature does not fit and maybe just because you are the weakest link. So what am i whining here about again, a few days back i read a forum thread that shows how back druid itemisation is, that is in the arena sets, druid sets get the lowest stamina and resilience. Not to mention that we are the only caster that does not get any spell critical bonus. How impressive that is when you tried to get the best stuff you can get, and realise that in reality, there is no best stuff because everything that you can grind for suck so badly while those in raids are probably reserved for caster.

Maybe it is a calling to go feral because of it's better itemisation. Seriously, after so many MMORPG i got to choose my class with better judgment and choose what i think is fun to play. Because in the end, it is just going to be another sidekick class that offers nothing but disappointment and anguish. Life is such a cookie cutter for everything.

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