Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eve of the End

Today is the eve of the end of my holidays, after almost 3 months school is starting yet again. Well, to prepare myself for the start of my holiday, I got myself a new haircut, which is by no means cheap. When the price came to me at $39.00, I didn't realise the impact of the cost until a while later, but still I think it is relatively worth it. The hairstylist gave great advice and ways to style my hair which I really suck at doing it, now the only question is whether I will be able to style back the same way, or just leave my hair as it is.

Coupled with my new haircut, the new shoes I might be wearing will definitely be my new red puma shoes! I think it is totally so AA, feels like wearing jean with leather shoes (not that it is bad), or maybe slipper in suit. But well, red is just such a nice color ^^.

Watched 不能说的秘密 at the Cathay today, and I must really agree with the newspaper that this movie is a vanity fair of Jay Chou. Everything was made to make him stand out from the rest, though what really makes him stand out must be his name, 叶湘伦. If 伦 is his name which is Jay, then 叶湘 sounds like shit which makes his name maybe shitty Jay?

O well... anyway I think the name is not the point of the movie right? The beginning of the movie was really quite boring and slow, only towards the end when the twist starts unfolding does the movie get more interesting. Anyway, the essence of the show is probably the Jay Chou with the ultra ugly and retro haircut at the end. I do not think you might actually see Jay Chou with that kind of hairstyle ever in public.

Almost forgot about the dim sum that i had in the morning, which only prove one thing, I totally do not like dim sum in the excess, and my tongue has little interest in dim sum that is just full of "flourly" taste. Guess I rather stick with more conventional breakfast.

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