Saturday, August 11, 2007

City of Possibilities

So i came across these posters on the pillars at the airport while fetching my parents and my sister from the airport. They went Jakarta for a few days, and if you never heard, there was a massive earthquake that hits Java island, and Jakarta was affected too. But luckily, the earthquake was rather deep underwater, therefore the impact was not that great.

But anyway, the point is not about the earthquake (since luckily no death nor injury was reported), but rather on the theme for this year National Day celebration, coupled with some tourism attraction i believed, that Singapore is a City of Possibilities. This theme is rather special i feel, and goes hand in hand with the previous theme which is Uniquely Singapore. Maybe it is totally different campaign to promote Singapore, but if they goes hand in hand, it will be more special.

Uniquely Singapore, offers an insight to the unique society of Singapore, maybe I can examine somethings that I feel makes Singapore, Uniquely Singapore.

1) Singapore has an unique form of Democracy, where despite our government are voted into power, effectively power, be it political or economically, one might says that it lies within a particular family.
2) Singapore has a president, but unlike other countries with president, our president is not involve in the government, but rather serves as a symbol just like Her Majesty of England. So maybe we have a constitutional presidency, much like the constitutional monarchy of England.
3) Singapore government has everlasting government post offered to our Prime Ministers.
4) As everyone knows, we have the highest paid ministers in the world, because we need the white and competent government to ensure that our property prices do not drop to peanuts and our women will not need to go to work as maids in other countries.
5) Do not "insult" our leaders, because they own a law firm and they will sue you till you are bankrupt, but if you are in their party, you can call the opposition terrorist and still continue to be a member of parliament.

So what possibilities do I see in our City of Possibilities? Below are some thoughts:

1) Our opposition will be sizable and able to contribute their part in our parliament, not just for the sake of opposing, but rather serving their parts, and the ruling party will no longer need to "deal" with the influx of the opposition.
2) Our movies shown at the cinema might finally not be censored every now and then just because there was a mention of masturbation or some gay kisses.
3) Our sport school actually produce local athletes, and not just from China.
4) Permit for gay picnic and gay running are allowed at the Botanical Garden, or rather why should they apply in the first place? Why can't they just go there and picnic just like other people. Gay running is not allowed, wonder why they let tonnes of guys and gals run during Army Half Marathon... figures.
5) No more Prime Minister with surname by Lee.
6) PAP might no longer be wearing full white because it gets dirty easily and you need to bleach it. Red is probably a better color.
7) People decided to stop using private cars because there are more buses and mrts in service, no more crowds, little waiting time and clean transport and polite drivers.
8) Hawker centres actually provide good services.
9) Vivocity is the smallest shopping centre in Singapore.
10) No more education institution named after Raffles.

Well anything is possible these days they said, after all if you can sell HDB at $750,000.00, the next thing you know we are going to stop buying water from Malaysia. So what do you envision Singapore to be?

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