Friday, August 10, 2007

Home Alone

So my parents and my second sister went Jakarta for a short vacation, since my dad is going there for business trip as his partners are participating in exhibition now. That left me and my eldest sister at home, though at night she is hardly at home, and here I am alone at home again.

The feel is rather weird, not because since I am the only one at home so i do not on my living room lights, but rather despite not communicating with my parents or siblings at home, just their presence is enough to offer some forms of companionship, that you are not alone.

I am rather use to coming home to empty house since both my parents are working and my sisters usually out busy with stuff. I am the stay home kid, playing computer games and doing whatever online. I guess this might be some prelude to my SEP in Finland since the dorms are all single bed, I will be living alone for 1 semester. But i guess a room does not feel as lonely as an entire house.

I guess it is just the timing, that next week my school is finally starting, and I am not liking it, and I am rather burnt out from playing games. Past few weeks of raiding in WoW and past few days of leveling in City of Villains till 2 am really doesn't cut it. I need more night sleep and not day sleep. O well... things you will do for the things you love.

My Villains:
My Hero:

I guess the most fun part of playing City of Villains is the creation of your characters, because you can personalize your character to a huge extent, and unlike other mmorpg in which you need high levels and good gear in order for your character to look good, this game allows you to have the looks you want from the start, with except of things like wings which you need to get in game. Definitely a cool game to play if you are into looking good for your character.

Suppose to update more stuff, but I guess I better sleep early to prevent my otherwise dark eyes from darken further.

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