Saturday, August 25, 2007


I'm just so totally in the mood to watch another musical show, and that certainly gave Hairspray an advantage in my ratings! Not to say that the movie is not good on it's own, it excellent! The singing and music is great and the set up of the whole movies just make you feel that everything retro is in again, and you should just use hairspray to make you hair stand in place.

John Travolta performs rather well in his cross-dressing role, while Michelle Pfeiffer carried off the slut deserving of a blonde.
Queen Latifah is still looks as royal as a Queen and Zac Efron gave a better singing performance than High School Musical, though his blue eyes was not as prominent since majority of the cast had blue eyes or something. Last but not least, Nikki Blonsky gave a cheerful yet forceful performance and we have another singing power house.

The show is entertaining and just makes you want to sing retro songs and in masses. Definitely a must watch and gets *****/*****

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