Friday, August 24, 2007


Just found out that one of my sister's friends whom I knew from my Vietnam trip has committed suicide. Difference between attempting suicide and committed suicide is of course while the former failed, the latter succeeded in dying, if I may use the word succeeded. Last time I used to use this as a joke, that if you intend to attempt suicide, make sure you succeed or you will be probably charged for attempting suicide, which will in turn make your otherwise depressing life worse.

I do not know the reasons or details behind the entire incident, but apparently she under a depression spell a few months back due to relationship problems, though I thought she would have recovered by now, so I cannot conclude the reasons behind the suicide. Though I wonder, life is full of ups and downs at all times, how much downs can you take before you decided to take your own life without any regards for those who love you and those you love. She is probably the second person whom I knew committed suicide, the other one was one of my primary school friends who committed suicide because of failed relationship and other pressures. Like what my teacher said back then, when problems is too much there will always be some helping hands, no one need to face any problems alone if they choose not to. When the going get tough, the tough get going. But even if you are not the tough who get going, there is no need to despair for once you been to the bottom in life, everything else will be much better.

Felt weird writing about someone using past tense.

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Blur_Angel said...

May her soul rest in peace...