Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Magic the Gathering

Just bought the last 2 Magic the Gathering novels of the Time Spiral cycle and as usual, novels are really not cheap these days. Not to mention the trouble of storing them away properly to prevent tonnes of dust from accumulating and making them look like ancient tomes.

Of course I do not know many people who are into Magic the Gathering novels like me, though I knew many who played the card game, but the important part is knew. Magic the Gathering is something that almost feel like it will never ends, and apparently it really doesn't. The game started in like 1994, created by Richard Garfield, and I started playing the game in 1996, and started reading the novels probably in 2000. In the time line of the book, I have covered more than 10000 years of content, from the very start of the story where evil was born, to the invasion, destruction and more story and back to some familiar names, and now finally feels like it has ended, at least for me. Yes, after 30+ novels that I possess, these last 2 novels finally set the ending theme.

There many things that interest me in the story, fantasy, magic, but most of all is the notion of planeswalker. Planeswalkers are powerful being, immortals and infused with huge power and the ability to travel through different planes or worlds. It is fun to read stories about planeswalkers, experience their power and abilities, their attitudes and how they are always saving something, but in the process destroy something else. Many planeswalkers that I can name, but my favourite will definitely be Freyalise. Wielder of green magic and goddess to the magic elves that inhabit the lands of Domainaria, despite surviving some of the worse catastrophe, in the end the inevitable still happen, that she will too like other planeswalkers, expended her immortal and omnipotent life. Well in fact, probably in the last book that every planeswalkers that I knew still alive will be all dead or gone, and with that started the new era of the new kind of planeswalker, and usher in the new era of Magic the Gathering story.

But I knew I will probably not engage in the new era of the story plot, with the death of all the major planeswalkers that I knew, including my favourite one, my passion for the original story died too. Probably it should have already died with the end of the invasion but somehow the story continued. But now I do not see how the story will be the same when all the planeswalkers are dead. Like how i chuck away my vast collection of Magic the Gathering cards, my passion for the novels will too end here. Though I would visit the old books I have every now and then, the new novels most likely will not be adding to my collection of the novels.

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