Sunday, August 19, 2007

High School Musical

Watched High School Musical 1 and 2 today, and if anything I can say, it's Disney, which is more for teenagers and I'm definitely not in that age group anymore. Initially I was interested in the movies because they are musical, and I love musical movies a lot such as Moulin Rouge. However, the kind of singing in the movies are more kiddish, not that it is bad as the actors and actresses all sang very well, but it is like comparing Britney Spears and Celine Dion. Different types and feels, and definitely different note. However, if there is anything big inside the movies, that is the bloody blue eyes of one of the actor, which is Zac Efron. Blue eyes is probably one of the rarest features i ever seen, and it is definitely very attracting and unique. It gives a rather supernatural feel, and you just can't take you eyes of those eyes! Seriously, blue eyes just do not look like eyes at all, if you seen the movies, maybe you can understand what I meant, or I might just over react because it just such so rare. I have probably only seen either one or two more person with blue eyes in my entire life, and definitely Singaporeans are not the manufacturers of such exotic products. Well, High School Musical has it's credits, and definitely rekindled my interests in watching musicals, but maybe this time would be a real on-stage musicals, probably even watching a Broadway musical!

*Fancy one day you can ask for blue eyes in plastic surgery.

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