Sunday, August 19, 2007


Just like the change of season, my mood for the layout for my blog has changed yet again. Though not finalize yet, but slowly and steadily things will be reorganized again.

Just finished watching the last season of Queer as Folk, as I must say that it generates a lot of thoughts in me. Sex and romance aside, the last season focus on the implementation of a bill, which threatens same sex couple's right. Basically, the heterosexual people are calling on people to vote for the bill while the homosexuals are against it. Be it the simple plot it is, the development is definitely ugly. Calling not only on the people to vote for the bill, the heterosexuals decided that according to the morals of their Christian state, the homosexuals should all burn in hell as according to Bible and that they are abomination. A bit extreme in the development of the story, the event at which the homosexuals gathered to hold a fund raising event to campaign against the bill was met with a bombing incident, which motive was to halt their efforts, in the process killing and injuring people. After the incident, in the memorandum service to those victims of the bombing incident, heterosexuals decided to turn up and even commented that those who died deserved to die.

Ok... so after the brief background of the story, now to the moral of the story. Despite the extreme conditions and story layout, the plot I can relate to many incidents that are happening in the world today. Similar conflicts can be related to races, religions, political struggle and of course sexuality. Often than not, just because of differences between people, result in loss of lives and property. We have those Muslims who wanted to probably eradicate all Christian, or the Nazis who wanted to cleanse the world of Jews, and of course the ever calling by the Christians that homosexuality is a sin and they will burn in hell.

Some times I do wonder, we lauded at our diverse world of creatures and heritage, but despite the diversity, we are still at each other throats just because we believe in different religions, or different skin colors and languages, and even to the extent of our personal sexuality. But why I do not understand, that if the only solution to world peace is uniformity, why did God create such a diverse world? Why are there conflicts between his followers just because they are under different banners? Why interpretations of his words will result in the rejection of homosexuals, or in the first place will God actually create defective creations. I find the answers not in the creator, but rather the creations. Whether homosexuality is by nature or nurture is not a reason, it is just an excuse for heterosexuals to claim that homosexuals took the fallen path, just like taking drugs, while the homosexuals try to convince otherwise, that they were made this way. Whether is Christians the evil ones or Muslims the evil ones or even the Jews the evil ones, each is just finding some justifications to their actions. But in the end, it's the failure of the creations to see the diversity in the world. Their failure to integrate the diversity as one harmonious picture.

Thousands of years of human evolution, but we have learn nothing about living in harmony in diversity. Just because of differences, they create hatred and suspicions among people. Even most animals do not turn on their fellow species, so no matter how much we evolve, our basic and fundamentals are still weak as hell.

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