Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Principles

I think i might have to clarify something, that is my principles in life is, be nice to everyone and hopefully they will be nice back. But if they do not reciprocate it back, just ignore them but concentrate on the beauty of life. And first and foremost, I tend to stick to my ideology unless proven incorrect, and that not just because whoever you are to me, I will agree to you or side with you. The only reason I will do it is I agree with your opinion or argument.

However, all these has nothing to do with any form of relationship between us. So my dear friends/dear or whoever, if you ever find me going different direction as you, it does not mean that I do not love/cherish/like you as much as the others, but just that I am trying to be as neutral or subjective as possible. So please for goodness sake stop trying to belittle me like I'm some freak trying to disagree at every small little thing just for the sake of disagreeing.

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