Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Suck it 2

Great another battle lost again today. This time is horrible, to the extent I actually understand so many negative things. Seem like my student identity is not as strong as my other selves.

Not to mention you start wondering, wondering why pigs don't fly but mosquitoes fly, because there are reasons why certain things should be that way, but does not apply to others. Like why government will allow cigarettes, which slowly kills the smoker but when any food has excessive lead or other harmful substances that will kill you slowly, they will take action about it. Or why government do not allow gay marriages but allow people to get married like a million times. Or why ministers earn so much when not all ministers are effectively generating revenues for the country.

The only reason is probably some lame shit, which is that is what life is about. And the only thing you can do is, change what you can, and accept whatever shit you can't.

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