Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My 1st Puma!

It was almost like love at first sight when i set my eyes on the red base with white stripe Puma Suede at Vivocity. Not only is the color and design hot, it is only at $49.90! However, the smallest size they had is like UK 9, which is too big for me, and i had them helped to call the other 2 puma outlets for my size and the answer totally disappointed me.

Thus this began my journey to search for my Puma Suede across Singapore! Any shop that sells puma shoes is a chance for me to get my dream shoes. In the end, i went from Queensway shopping centre to Takashimaya, then to Wisma, then to Lido, Pacific Plaza then Far East Plaza. In the end, i manage to get my shoes at the Puma outlet at Marina Square, which could save me lots of trouble if I was not told that all the Puma outlets no longer have my size in stock. Well, maybe they only asked for UK size 7, and i realise that i can wear size 8 too.

Though this chase did made me realise something, that i somehow feel that the Puma shoes sold at Queensway do not really look like the original at all, because though i see the design i want at Queensway, however the feel of the shoes is just totally different, not to mention that it is even more expensive as compared to the one at the Puma outlet. So, watch out what you buy at Queensway shopping centre.

Though i think no one will be able to guess why i want this puma design so much, this is just one of the two design i want. The original design i wanted is Puma Frankenclyde, which was quite an old design. However, looking through the puma online store, i realise that there is a hybrid of the design i want! What is know as the Frankenclyde S Suede -.- However, there is no red version, only black, grey, brown and dark blue. Oh well.....


Nigel said...

How much did you get your Suede shoes for at the Marina Square outlet?

I want to get the blue one but can only find it so far at Peninsula Plaza for S$99 (too expensive if you ask me).

Alex said...

Nice stuff .! I was so excited when I got my first Puma shoe and now I have 4 pairs of Puma shoes.