Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ok so i went for my 1st ever facial in Singapore, though i tried once before when i was overseas, and the experience is really skin deep. Skin deep because it left some deep pain in my face. Maybe it's the person who is doing the facial lousy with her skill, but facial is not really facial when all they do is squeezing out every dirt beneath your face, then clean up your red face with some facial.

When i was enduring all the pain of a supposedly relaxing time at the facial, i was people who endure this kind of pain on a regular basis deserve to have good complex for their effort in enduring. Maybe it is just a lousy place to go for facial, or i should put in more effort in finding a better place and spending more money in order to get better skin with no pain at all. I just wonder if facial is really just about painfully removing all the dirt on your face, because my impression of facial is really totally different. What my impression is i shall not elaborate, but seriously such methods just feels so amateur. Such is the pain in living in hot weather, maybe i might get a better skin complexion after i go Finland for my SEP, since the place will be freezing.

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