Sunday, September 16, 2007

16/09/07 Sunday

So i am doing lots of blogging tonight, because i have quite a bit of stuffs to do the last few days, but i have so much thoughts to express that i MUST say!

First of all, to the many who do not know the drama that i kind of started in my World of Warcraft guild, i shall not elaborate much except that i decided not to purse in it because i should not waste my time talking to a bunch of people who prefer to follow what other people do instead of testing out what is the most effective. And being a past officer in my previous guild, i see a lot of similar posting by them which i had post back in the days of Tempestas. This leads me to understand the concept of irreconcilable conflict taught in my Singapore Society module, though this time it is the irreconcilable conflict of a guild member personal interests to enjoy himself and the guild management part to take the tried and tested way towards guild progression.

Secondly, i tried out playing a moonkin spec in 5v5 arena, and while playing i was thinking wow moonkin has to do so many things in arena. Maybe just because i am not use to it and more adapt to healing, i probably still spend more time healing rather than doing damage. So after thinking for so long to try out balance in arena, i was thinking if i should just continue playing a healer which i think i should be better at, or try something new. Somehow this incident relate to my decision on my further career, whether i want to walk the unknown path of a game developer which mind you i am still trying to pick up any form of skills to try to push myself towards that path, or stay on a safer path to be an engineer and maybe learn the rope of doing business and even taking over my father's companies. Strange connection is it not?

Thirdly, continuing from my previous pondering on being an engineer, i got an email sent by my project leader for EE3001 regarding a previous project report done in the last semester by another group. That project theme is so similar to our project, and the weird thing is both our groups have the same supervisor. After browsing through the hundred of pages of report, i was wondering how will i be able to come up with such a detailed report out of nothingness, since we are just imagining a product to make and market. After looking through, i start to doubt whether i am really suited to be an engineer. Weird how i manage to connect this email to my previous thoughts.

Second lastly, to do list for this week, finish my Aunt account asap so i can get the money and finally close this work, do more research for my projects because all the reports some how put me to shame, start studying more because i am at risk of just slacking due to the lack of active work tutorials, bring the Canon camera for repairs to get my father off my back, try to spend lesser money next weekend, stop myself from playing WoW to avoid further frustration by probably joining Alvin in playing other games and finally get my EE3702 project mates to faster decide on what we are doing for the project. Long list for a short week man.

So finally lastly, not very important. But go to 炎亞綸 blog and listen to his first ever solo song!

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