Saturday, November 24, 2007


Life is full of lies. Society is probably built on the fabrication of lies, and the winners are the best liars who can convince others the truthfulness of their lies. From the companies who convince you that their products are a must have, to the government who tells you that they act in the interest of the public, beneath it all are more often than not only because they want your money or votes.

What we see and read are fabricated in such a way to manipulate our minds to believe what the elites want us to believe, believe that they are the best to lead our country and we should be at their mercy for the greater good. Corporations, through the use of advertising try to make us believe that their products will make our life easier and their objective is truly for the good of society. False consciousness is what they put into our mind, but is it possible that there will ever be a true consciousness if everything that we have access to are subjected to the interests of some bigger body. I question the sanity of ourselves to be critical, because if society is built on the fabrication of lies, critical is just another lie to cover up the greater lies of society.

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