Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 13

My last 2 weeks of the school term has been rather eventful, regardless good or bad.

1) My EG2401 Engineering professionalism presentation - I hate presentation that have to prepare. I rather everything is impromptu.

2) My EE3001 presentation - My group presented to my supervisor, comment = Overall good, but not very good. And i hate formal presentation. Luckily i am not presenting during the final one.

3) My SSA1201 Term paper - Got back my term paper and i only got a B, which i think is because the tutor has a different idea as my on the same topic. Boohoo....

4) Cousin's wedding - Went to my Grand-Aunt house to see the jing cha ceremony and have a cater lunch. The bride and the groom have a total of 9 brothers and just 4 sisters. Just stick around to look look see see then eat eat.

5) Watched Jesus Camp and Sicko - Jesus camp is rather shocking while Sicko makes me worry about my health insurance.

6) Badminton - Played around 2 hours of badminton, but think i never warm up enough now my body is aching. And Eric please fix a place that is more convenient to ALL, and don't assume i am always driving.

7) Cousin's Wedding dinner - A rather nice dinner at the Marina Mandarin Hotel, and our Senior Minister attended the wedding dinner with his wife because he is the uncle of my cousin's wife. But damn he stole the limelight from my Grand-Aunt and the parents of the couple, whom i think should be more important than some irrelevant uncle of the bride.

8) Watched Boy Culture - A rather weird gay movie based on a novel.

9) Start of a cui week, or rather a cui mood just because i think i said too much stuff to my Mom. Totally no work to work on or rather work haven't arrive. Trying to faster finish all my work, and starting to worry about my last presentation just because my mood is totally cui.

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