Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st Dinner party

So after meeting the girls from University of Helsinki to buy tickets to Estonia, we decided to go to Hui Chuen's apartment for dinner. We bought food from Lidi, which seems to be cheaper as compared to K-market or Alepa. At her apartment, we met Geogia from Spain and Alamos from Hong Kong (ok i don't really know how to spell their names).

While most of us waited and enjoy ourselves by chatting, our main chef who is Bai Ke is busy fixing up our dinner!

The end result! Ok so only the vegetables and potatoes are cooked, the other pizzas are just bought and heated in the oven. All these for like 10 people. A bit little i think although there is rice available :/

Start the "feast"!

End off the feast with a group photo of the 10 hungry people! Although there are more laughter after the dinner because of the Hong Kong slang in the Chinese by the guy from Hong Kong, we did not stay too late for the party that was going on in the same block because we were all heading for Estonia the next day. So next is Estonia!

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