Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Estonia I

Woke up damn early because the ferry to Tallinn is at 8am, and we are all meeting 7am at Kamppi. Because of all the waiting, we had to run to the train station and managed to catch the train although Iqal was late and missed the train we were on. So when we reached Kamppi, Elin forgot her passport and had to go back to take together with Guo Jun. Meya missed his train too, so we had to wait for all of them till almost 7.30am, when we finally managed to get everyone.

Kind of trying to find the way to the Western Harbour, we were lucky to find a cab stand and got 3 cabs to drove us to Western Harbour. After rushing all the way there, and Meya managed to get his ticket, we managed to board the cruise at the final hour. It is like after we went on board the ship, the door closed and the ship started moving. So lucky, almost had to eat our lunch in Helsinki instead of Tallinn.
Yea! Welcome to the Nordlandia! Ok so we got the student tickets which is just for us to board the ship, but without a cabin. So how did we spend our time?

Just find some spot and rest for the 3.5hrs ferry ride! Obviously we are not sleeping most of the time, there are always the photo taking sessions outside in the strong roaring winds!

When we reached Tallinn, it was snowing heavily and with really strong winds. Apparently it is the harbinger of bad weathers to come......

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