Monday, April 21, 2008

Movie Taste

So i have not been blogging about my stay in Finland, because i am so busy playing game again because of my new character. Effectively, this has made me spending a lot of time not doing anything constructive, from studying to even cooking a decent meal. I know i should be doing something more productive, but my mind can't seem to settle down since i came back from my travel since Easter break.

However, as usual despite me not blogging much about my travel, maybe not yet or not going which all my traveling photos can be see from my facebook account, tonight i have finally caught Kite Runner the movie, and i am really in the mood to do some writing of my own.

So for those who have not watch Kite Runner, i would seriously recommend it if you are those who are into the more storyline serious kind of movies. As far as i know there are hardly anyone on SEP with me who are appreciative of such movies. So far almost all the movies that they watch at my place most of them actually fall asleep watching, or maybe it is just the late night.

But anyway, the point after watching the movie is relating to my thoughts after traveling around during the past months. If there is anything that i have learnt, is that the world is not a safe place. Ok... kind of sleepy so though it's bad to end of in the middle of nothing..but who cares anyway!

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Eric Tan said...

The Kite Runner is a fantastic movie but the book is even better!