Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suddenly out of no where....

Today is another day of boredom and sianness, and while talking about the topic of job recruitment, i went to google a bit about my ideal scope of job, which is in the area of renewable energy. Why i decided to choose this area? The reason is kind of because i wanted to work in an area that enables me to work overseas, because most renewable energy companies tend to be in Western countries. Obviously the starting step would be the asia headquarters of these companies, which are based in Singapore. But then, after looking at some of the bigger companies job vacancies, i don't really have an ideal what i want to do. Worse of all, after thinking a bit further, i seriously don't see myself doing anything after i graduate from university.

Well, when i said i don't see myself doing anything after i graduate does not mean that i would just sit around and do nothing. I see nothing of myself in the future, not even continue to play my MMOrpgs, being around with my friends nor even doing something i like. It really feels like nothing exist in the future, like i will not be around to even bother to think so much about the future. Likely might be due to i have not live my life outside things that i had to do because it was obligation. Like how i have to go through the education system years after years after years, and when army came it was just something i had to "serve". Feels like for my past 24 years, everything i have done is just follow through, and whatever else i do for my suppose "hobbies" are just something extra. Going into the corporate world seems so near but feels so far.

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pk said...

life starts after you're done with uni man... for me least :p