Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally an update!

I decided not to continue blogging my Europe trip, because it is making me lazy to blog about me, thus neglecting my blog. So i decided to blog about my otherwise boring life now.

Well not exactly boring, apart from being exam period. I have been watching a new drama, skins. It is a British drama that evolve around a group of friends, that live a rather dysfunctional kind of lifestyle full of drugs, sex and tonnes of swearing. Yet beneath all these problems, the drama truly reflect the kind of problems that we face in daily life, although we might not necessary experience all the problems being reflected. Another thing i like about the drama is how each episode is focus on one character in the series, like kind of introducing each character in a different way.

The drama is full of humor, nice music and nice sex scenes as a bonus. But i guess the most important thing is the diversity of the character being protrayed in the show. So who is the character that i like the most? Definitely is Maxxie. Maxxie is a gay character inside the show who is a dancer, and seriously the fact that he dances a lot in the show really makes me envy of his dancing talent. Damn, i just cannot stand people who can dance and sing well, worse of all is good looking. Maxxie is acted by 19 years old Mitch Hewer, and i am really a fan of his talent now. Currently he is acting in Britannia High, which i am watching too and is a musical drama, i so really into dancing at the moment.
Another character i am interested in is the role of Cassie acted by Hannah Murray. The character is kind of a crazy character, having problems with eating and always talking in a really dreamy and phase out way. The drama is about friendship, family, love, youth, school and everything that one will experience in their life. Interested to watch? Can go www.surfthechannel.com and search for this to watch :)

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