Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lapland III

Continuing from my previous posts on my Lapland trip, apart from the various winter activities that i participated in, the next most memorable one will be the climb up some mountain in the hope to see the Northern Lights.

So why the memorable event, not because i did see the Northern Lights and in fact i did not, but rather it is memorable in a bad way. As far as i remembered, i think i almost froze to death in the chilly night and on the mountain itself, the heavy snowstorm along the snowy cliff did almost scared me to death.

Walking along the night and cold path, we ventured off following some Greek guys and hopefully can catch some glimpse of the Northern Lights. Well... obviously in the dark night, any form of light is very obvious, but the natural wonder will not just appear for us, but some man-made light did brighten up the night.

After some tortuous walk in the chilly weather, we finally reached the top of the mountain, where there is only endless layers of snow which comes up to knee level waiting for us and a damn snowy weather. While we attempt to use my camera on a tripod to take some picture of us, the weather prove to be too windy and cold, such that my camera start to malfunction a bit despite being weather resistant.

As seen from my face, i am definitely not enjoying the weather at all. After this we went to a nearby building, which seriously look like some spooky place in the middle of no where.

Look at the amount of snow on the building, feels like it is from the last Ice Age with all the snow look like some rotten snow.

What is a winter without building a snowman!

While it is not the exactly figure of a snowman, but i guess everyone kind of get the idea. Of course in a typical Finnish kind of winter, there must be the famous Finnish sauna! Although i am not going to post any degree of naked people, so no sauna pictures! After 3 days 2 nights of fun, time to leave the icy land in the north to return to the less snowy Helsinki.

Signing off in the snow!

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