Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Final Year Project

Today is the release of my FYP result, and the project that i got is ................. Social computing: understanding social interaction and networking in games! Although i cannot remember if this is my first choice, total there is 1 student who put this as first choice, 3 students as second and 1 student as third choice, so with my lousy cap, i think it might just be my first choice.

So the first thing i have done after knowing the result, is to reread what is the description of the project. The description is as follows:

Playing game becomes one of popular activities nowadays. There are many different motivations for gamers to play game. One of the reasons is people like to get together socially especially for massively multi-players online role playing game (MMORPG). The project aims to use engineering tools to understand gamers’ latent behaviors in terms of spatial and temporal factors. The students will develop programs to parsing gamers’ data from one of existing commercial games (World of Warcraft). Social networking and in game behaviors will be analyzed after data collection. The students will work closely with other social scientists in MXR*.

*The Mixed Reality Lab, one of IDMI Lab, is aiming to push the boundaries of research into interactive new media technologies through the combination of technology, art, and creativity.

It is suppose to be a software based project, and the pre-requisite is script based programing language (eg. XML, LUA), hmm... actually i am not really familiar with either of these :/

While i was thinking of sending a email to my supervisor asking for any details for the project or any thing i just like start studying or learning now, i decided to google a bit about him.

My supervisor apparently is a new comer in NUS, Dr. Henry Been-Lirn Duh. Some facts about him from what i found out on his website which apparently is done by dreamweaver because his website is titled dreamweaver template, he graduated from Human Interface Technology Laboratory in Washington, and went to NASA-Johnson Space Centre as a postdoctoral fellow involving in virtual reality training project (quoted from his website). He is also a serious gamer and was listed in the ladder of Diablo II and Age of Empire (quoted too).

Woah quite impressive i think, and his discipline is quite broad with all the listed research, courses he taught and the publications he participated in.

Guess i better email and ask for more details, since i feel like i am lacking in some knowledge.


Eric Tan said...

Means that the FYP requires you to be playing World of Warcraft?? Anyway, since you're still playing WoW, so it's not an issue. Have fun with your gaming FYP and your cool supervisor Dr. Duh

kohtaka said...

dunno if requires to play World of Warcraft, because the main thing is to make use of scripting language to make a software that analysis the social data of the players i think...

Tan Sini said...

Hey your project seems to touch a bit of learning sciences which I am working on now...hahaha...Moreover, ur prof is into HIT... So i guess u will be learning more than just engineering alone... Enjoy ur FYP!

pk said...

wow your fyp sounds so interesting.