Monday, July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight

I must confess that i am not a big fan of batman, so i was The Dark Knight is not on my must watch movie list. In fact, the only reason why i watched The Dark Knight is because of a boring afternoon with no other movie to watch. However, i guess once in a while the good reviews about the movie does fit in with my taste of movie, and i must admit that it is a brilliant movie.

Despite being a lengthy movie (total play time around 153 mins + crappy GV advertisements which add up to almost 3 hours), the movie at no point of time is boring, and almost every scene is filled with exciting and almost relevant plot. There are a lot of deeper meaning behind every execution, which not only makes one relate to real life situation, but also consider the definition of things in life.

For example, of course we know that batman is a hero, but in the movie he is considered a villain and was outlawed. On the other hand, the hero of the city, which eventually became the villain two-face was never regarded as the villain because no one knew about his dealings in the end. So what is the moral of the story? I never truly comprehend the phase "Knowledge is Power", because can i survive my hunger by just knowing about history of the world or even any form of economic knowledge? However, i guess that the phase is not bounded by the physical limitations of our human forms, but rather extend to a greater sphere of wisdom. Simply said, we believe only what we know is true, but the truth may not necessary with the total truth, and sometimes truth can be subjected to interpretation or even adjustment due to cultural differences. Having the knowledge, one can control how much people have access to such knowledge, or even manipulate the knowledge, thus there are notions such as propaganda. As the famous quote by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler propaganda minister, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth".

The style of the villain joker is also kind of not typical of villainous characters. While most go for personal gain or sadistic kind of plot, the joker does everything and anything for no particular reason. And this i believe, is the most dangerous part of our inner logical system, because effectively, there is nothing more dangerous than the lack of reasoning in our actions. Because it is such logical reasoning, that serves to prevent all hell from breaking loose. Imagine one day i am driving on the road, and for no particular reason i decided to stop at the pedestrian crossing, and when someone cross it i decide to accelerate and knock him/her down. Each of us are in possess of dangerous items, and in fact our body is already a dangerous weapon. Without the proper mindset, everyone and anyone can be a dangerous character.

While The Dark Knight has a dark touch and trigger many thoughts, i am looking forward to corny entertainment like Mummy 3, obviously not for the plot but rather for the fantasy and mysterious touch of the movie.

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