Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since i'm back from Macau, i guess i better blog about the trip first before i forget the details like my Europe trip.

The purpose of the Macau trip is not exactly a vacation, but rather to attend the Shure Asia DC Meeting, although sight-seeing is involved in the program. The hotel that i stayed in is MGM Grand Macau, and apparently is a five stars or six stars hotel, and the bill truly reflected its many stars.

Basically the meeting is really kind of boring for me, because the topics are really not relevant for me, not to mention i really have no purpose there except my dad wants me to go. Anyway, i have a taste of Portuguese mix with Chinese food, and i must say the result is nothing spectacular, although i have not really taste authentic Portuguese food.

The sight-seeing is quite bad actually, because after coming back from Europe, the sights in Macau is really nothing. Even the icon of Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul, is really just a piece of wall. Not that it is not beautiful, but it is not magnificent. So what is there in Macau, nothing much really, not even shopping, because the lands are too filled with casinos to have anything else. Basically, from high up at Macau tower, i am guessing majority of the higher buildings are casinos, and seriously the gamblers are mostly from Mainland China, and everywhere you go you never lose sight of them.

While i was indifferent to the building of the integrated resort in Singapore, now i truly feel that casino is bad... just a feeling coming over me...

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