Monday, July 21, 2008

Lapland II

After hours and hours of bus ride, we finally reached our destination Levi Ski Resort. The weather was kind of different, as i expected it to be a lot colder than Helsinki, since it is further up north and obviously from the surrounding, everywhere was covered with layers and layers of snow.

Our accommodation was 2 cottage, with a kitchen, dining place, living room, attic where the sleeping area is and of course sauna! Since it is a winter cottage, obviously there will be a fireplace to keep ourselves warm, although with modern technology radiators are available. So, with my scouting expertise we started a small fire, however this small fire triggered the fire alarm because we did not open the chimney airway, and ended up smoking up the entire place. Luckily for us, no fire engine came as we managed to open the airway in time for the smoke to clear.

Most of our meals are cook by us, so some of the easiest things to cook are of course pasta!

So what is there to do at a Ski Resort, of course skiing! There are two kind of skiing, downhill ski and cross country ski. Basically downhill ski is skiing down a hill while cross country is skiing across flat ground. Cross country ski seems a lot easier because the equipment seems lighter and more convenient, while downhill ski looks more for professional.

See the difference in the size of the shoes used for cross country ski and downhill ski, not to mention the amount of pain i had to endure wearing the downhill ski boots. While kind of enjoying ourselves or maybe killing ourselves trying downhill ski, the temperature drop from around 0 degrees to like -13 degrees, reaching a minimum of -15 degrees!

What other interesting activities are there to do in the snowy weather, definitely snow mobile! Snow mobile is really exciting, maybe not so much for those who drive a motor bike since i find it rather similar, with the speed trill but in a snowy environment. We were provided coveralls, which are really warm and able to protect us from everything that is going to come at us.

Next stop is Reindeer farm, although since it is late at night we only see one reindeer and took some pictures with the cute animal.

Enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and some pulla in the wooden cabin.

Although me and my partner are the only ones who didn't have any form of accident, everyone managed to get back to the resort in one piece and of course i enjoyed it a lot.

Well... i should not cramp everything into one single post, so on to next post to continue Lapland!

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