Sunday, July 20, 2008


It has been a long time since i last blogged, not that i am busy literally, but really i have stuff to do. Maybe not many of my friends know, but when i need to do something that is not routine, i kind of need more than average time to actually start doing it. In scientific term, i have very high inertia for activities that are not routine to me.

And since i have not blog much about my SEP trip, maybe now is the time to slowly summaries the entire trip thus fast. My last SEP trip blog is about my trip to Estonia, which happened on the first weekend of my semester. The next trip is to Lapland, which is northern Finland, which is full of snow.

Start of Lapland trip, at Helsinki University of Economics Club in Helsinki

After a tedious 10+ hours of bus ride, we finally reach the first stop of the Lapland trip, Santa Claus village.

Seriously there is nothing much at Santa Claus village, which is totally commercialized which so many souvenir shops. Probably the only thing you can see is the Arctic circle line, taking picture with Santa old man and sending a post card from the post office which bears the Santa chop, or even send a postcard that will be delivered the next Christmas.

Distance to the various major cities in the world, including Singapore!

After Santa Claus village, we continued our bus ride for another couple of hours and finally we reached Levi Ski Resort!

Ok that is all for now... next will continue the episode of Levi Ski Resort!


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