Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bride Wars and K music!

Just caught Bride Wars last night, and i must say that the trailer and its theme is quite not what the movie is truly about. Brilliantly played out, the movie talked about the since forever friendship between the two brides to be, how they turn on each other just to get their (same) dream wedding, only to find out that the months long fighting is more tiring than probably the wedding preparation itself. Essentially, the movie is about friendship, reflecting how while at times we might view certain issues more important than friendship and might be be detrimental to the friendship itself, true friendship will never break, only pushed aside and waiting to be the centre of attention yet again. Though i find the decades old friendship kind of astonishing. Meaningful movie, probably the best i have watched these days amongst the movies i caught at the cinema.

While channel surfing, caught the mtv of 2008 on mtvasia, and got to know that Leo Ku has another chain medley kind of music! This time, finally a chinese version. Definitely on my must sing list at the ktv man.

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