Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Celebrating Chinese New Year

This year Chinese New Year kind of feel different, maybe because i did not celebrate it in Singapore last year, so have a rather fresh feel. The schedule was roughly the same, reunion dinner at my mother side on the eve, followed by 2 days of 拜年 at my relatives place.

1) On the eve, children are suppose to stay up so as to increase the lifespan of their parents, i was the only one up with movies to accompany me. And on the eve i still went Bukit Timah hill for a short hike, probably the first in my life.

2) On the first day of the lunar new year, i found out that some relatives got married and met some unknown married relatives, since i get extra hongbao. Realized that i had more nieces and nephews now, and one of them is so cute when he talks. Just drank a lot of shark fins soup because i don't like the rest of the food, then realized that my family don't lou hei anymore because everyone just make a mess out of the hei.

3) Met my old neighbours at the Buddhist association, and found out that her daughter who is the same age as me, already has a son who is 14 months, and so freaky cute. Not to mention that realized that the eldest son spouse is different this time. Wondered why in the first time that the statue of the Buddha seem so much smaller this time, i always remembered it to be quite big. And first time got an extra hongbao because my grand-aunt gave wrong hongbao, and decided to give more.

According to my horoscope, my lucky colour this year is green and lucky number is 6. Last year was suppose to be my fan tai sui year, and since i was not in Singapore, i did not do anything about it. To conclude my last year, it wasn't a smooth one since i experienced some downs and bad encounters. I just hope that this year will be better, and i keep praying that i can become a better person. For those who does not know,

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Hope everyone has a great year ahead!

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