Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

After skipping the traditional style of celebrating Chinese New Year last year because i was in Finland on exchange program, this year i get to stay in Singapore for Chinese New Year (although not a festival that i usually look forward to). Shopping was quite a disaster for me, because after i decided not to wear size M and downgrade to size S, and decided to wear clothes that fit nicely on me rather than loose fitting, i realized that it is not easy to buy clothes that are slim fit, especially those more formal wears. So while shopping at Robinson (and Alvin grabbing so many stuff in his way), i tried 4 different brands of short casual shirt that is size S, finally conclude that i am not going to be able to get anything that fits nicely. So, ended up i bought a long sleeve shirt at Espirt (although i am kind of looking for short sleeve), again.

Today, had a pre-Chinese New Year gathering at Brewerkz Riverside Point (and i got the name of the restaurant wrong initially). The place was well ok, my uncle booked a room for the gathering, and while the suppose starting time was 1pm, half of my family reach at around 3pm. The beer i drank there was quite ok, at least i didn't hate it. The Golden Ale served there is a light beer, and does not have much bitter after taste, although after drinking like half a cup my entire body is literally red. The food was ok, although there was certainly plenty of overcharged stuff on the menu. The ambient there was nice, maybe because we were in a rather secular room, although later on the doors were open and we had a new view of the Singapore river, i guess that it will probably be a nice sight in the evening with all the lights.

So happens that one of my cousins who is working as a tour guide overseas is back in Singapore now. And the first thing she said to me was how much i changed and how good looking i look in the photos of my family Cambodia trip (don't remember photoshopping the photos i think). I think i rolled my eyes in disbelief, especially when she said that the Koh family has finally produce a good looking guy (although she did said that not considering the older generation of my cousins, which probably only left me and a few cousins). I guess it is the kind of politically correct compliment you receive when you have not seen your relative in a long time, like how i always seem to grow taller every year at Chinese New Year. O well, at least i should be doing something right in keeping my overall appearance, although my uncle and cousin did said that i should do diamond push ups for larger chest, and did mention i have a big tummy (so omg).

This year Chinese New Year felt a bit different for me. Somehow i really feel that i have grown up, able to communicate better with the rest of my relatives (maybe because the generation gap lessen?). Things i want to do this Chinese New Year, play majong, blackjack, eat more ba kwa, drink a bit more nice shark fin soup to compensate for not drinking last year since my auntie cooks really good shark fin (sorry to all the sharks that died in the process), and hopefully to play more majong! Let's all play majong! Happy Chinese NIU Year!

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