Sunday, February 15, 2009

Career path

Last Thursday and Friday was the NUS career fair, which i went with Eric and Choon Kiat on Thursday after my lab. On the way there, i felt like backing out, as the thought of finding a job just consume me. Luckily, the whole affair was not as bad as what it seems to be, or rather i thought it would be.

Job scope wise, i am looking for either human oriented jobs, engineering jobs or any other jobs that i am qualified to fill. However, taking a job that is non-engineering related somehow made me feel that i have wasted my engineering degree. Yet on the other hand, i am thinking of not doing anything technical, which includes engineering related job and even anything to do with gaming, such as game design which used to be my passion. I wonder if it is just temporary that i have lost my confident in design or doing anything technical, but seriously with my studies in NUS thus far, i felt that i have done nothing that could or should booster my confidence towards engaging the working life.

Human oriented job seems to be less foreign to me, or maybe it should be foreign, but my lack of true understanding of the job nature makes me more confident of doing such job scope. Another area that i have been considering is teaching, which i have already apply for an interview in school. Teaching used to be what i want to do when i was in secondary school and junior college, but somehow along the way, it has became a professional which i think to be a dead end, that is once you started teaching, you have to do it all the way or it would have been years wasted. The starting pay and benefits of teaching seems nice, but the 4 years bond means that should teaching be not my cup of tea, i would have to endure the pain for the rest of the bond. Considering both teaching or even human oriented job such as human resource will result in me breaking from my engineering root (whatever i have), i feel that teaching is not that bad afterall.

Still, in today's bad economy, i may or may not have the chance to choose what job i want. Not to mention that the ideal and dream job may not be due to the nature of the job, but rather the environment of the company. So it is my ideology now to just apply any job that i do not detest, and see what kind of job offers that i can receive, and hopefully i can even get any.

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