Sunday, February 08, 2009

Horror night of clubbing

Well, clubbing wasn't really that horrible, though i didn't really like the retro dance music at double O, but at least the music gets better towards the end before i left. But seriously, i hate alcohol so much. I only drank like 1 shot and 1 bottle of beer, and started to get really dizzy and can't even walk straight haha. But i am not sure it is the beer or the shot, because the shot did nothing much to my stomach because it is not really bitter, but as the time went by, my stomach start to stir, and the loud music is really not helping at all. So after like 2 hours, i started to vomit, and goodness the feeling is really really bad. Worse than when i was sick, i could almost felt my throat coming out. It is my first time clubbing and drink liquor, normally i just drink a bit of beer from my friends. I vomit twice at the club, and another time after getting home.

The feeling after getting a bit tipsy wasn't that bad, but i swear i never want to drink alcohol man, i could swear that i thought i might actually lose my voice after all the vomiting. O well, there is always a first to everything.

Went for a charity dinner last night too, and guess what, my table actually won a new digital camera, a Canon Ixus 8515. One of those things that my family had too many, but i guess just a new toy to play with heh.

Just met a new friend today, was fun talking to someone who is not talking about jobs, economic or gaming haha. Just waiting to go for bbq at Siting's place later.

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kennhyn said...

don't mix hard liquor with beer, but is good to avoid alcohol also... cheers!