Thursday, February 05, 2009

A long week of exercise

Being the lazy guy i am, i have not been exercising much since i left army and entered university. Before, the number of times that i had swam in my house pool could be counted with probably both hands. Glad to say that these days i have been exercising more frequently, thanks to Alvin coming my house a few times a week to either gym or swim (or rather sun-tan).

Adding to the more frequent uses of my house facilities, i have joined additional classes in school, namely kickboxing and salsa. Today was my first kickboxing sesson, since last week i did not go for the first session just because my friend was not free, and i don't intend to go to a class full of girls. Seriously, today kickboxing session felt like being in the ladies room or something, so awkward. Not to mention that the instructor even suggested that the guys (like 3 guys behind) should stay in front of the class instead, which i flatly told her not to. The kickboxing session was really tiring, since i went to did some gym and swam a bit prior to the session. I did the same thing yesterday, and had salsa after kickboxing. Now i am so dead tired, due to lack of sleep from being woke up last night by Eric, calling me at 12 midnight to ask me to join aerobic class. Which sad to say, after today kickboxing i would say that i would not want to join another aerobic class, just because it can really be so tiring man, and i am not in dire need to slim down, sorry man.

Salsa was fun as usual, though there are so many steps that to remember. I only like the dancing part of the class, the rest of the waiting part was just boring, trying to socialize which i am certainly not good at. Or maybe just i am so dead tired today, just don't feel like talking much. Now i am just trying to drink some camomile tea, it is suppose to make you relax so that you can sleep better, which i desperately need after so many hard to fall asleep nights.

Well Alvin keep saying that i would probably stop exercising after he goes back to Australia (which i think i probably would), but hey at least 1 session of kickboxing would probably help a lot to ensure my weight won't explode. Afterall, my weight has not move much since my secondary school days, and i hope it remains that way. Now just want to tone my body a bit, and strengthen my lower back muscle, which has been giving me a lot of problems since i injured it during my army days.

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