Monday, March 02, 2009

Be content or a bit more greedy?

Greed can be both good and bad. Greed is what motivates people to work harder, to make things better and to progress. However, it also refers to excessive wants, a sin according to the bible and what makes people do illegal dealings to fulfill their endless wants.

Content on the other hand, some people might say that it is the key to a happy life. Being content, one can be happy with whatever little things they have in their lives. But being greedy, they can have the world and still is not enough for them. I have heard arguments that promoting content result in people getting lazy, that hinders development of the community as a whole.

So, be content and probably be a bit more happy mentally, but might result in one under achieving, or be a bit more greedy, demand more in life so that you will work for it, but might result in unhappiness if things do not go as well. There are a lot of what if's in this equation. In an argument, being extreme is often the straight path to he**, so let's assume that we take everything in the equation in moderation so that there is no black and white answers, because life is shades of grey.

So what triggered this kind of metaphysical thoughts after my emo mood? Probably not the tragedy that happened at NTU earlier today that involved a NTU lecturer getting stabbed and the death of a Indonesian year 4 university student, though my heart goes out to the student and may him be relieved of whatever pain that he endured before going over the edge. Maybe it is the job interview, and makes me think of a future of being financially independent, being able to move out, either live alone or stay with some good friends. But I guess it is due to the history of my university life. I have not been really happy since i entered university, partly because I find it so hard to make friends in school, although I do have to admit my personality played a large portion in my misery. So to counter my depressing life, I learnt to be more content, tried to look at my haves and thinking that life could have been worse, but it didn't. I am lucky in certain aspects, I do not have financial worries, I do not need to work to support myself or my family, and I spent most of my time playing games. But at this point of time, I would say that I hope to get something more in life. I was debating in my mind whether I should try harder, going all the way out that I normally do not do, or I should just follow the flow and leave everything to fate.

Generally speaking, I try to be a good person because I believe in karma. While I know that I have a unforgiving mouth, but I do not mean any harm. But sometimes being nice just does not work. They say that girls are attracted to bad boys, while the good guys are either taken or probably gay, so I wonder what happen to the in-between. Some may argued that these sayings are just myths, but with my experiences in life, I rather believe in their certain truth rather than totally reject them. If life is shades of grey, why does certain issues seem so black and white, either it works or it doesn't, either you blew your first chance or it was just not meant to be. While I think that life probably suck, but I know that it does not need to be that way. But still, I would really appreciate if I am given some signs from the greater being, that whatever I am doing is right or wrong, because getting ignored is worse than being wrong.


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