Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things that government is afraid to teach, teachers are embrassed to teach, and parents think no need to teach

So during my financial accounting lecture on Tuesday, in view of the recent attack in NTU, the lecturer started talking about students becoming too stressed these days, and how he should tell something interesting to cheer everyone up. So the topic came up, things that government is afraid to teach, teachers are too embrassed to teach, and parents think no need to teach.

At first glare probably one will think that it might be sex, although the topic that came up was 'What is Love?'. So what is love? According to his chemistry definition, love consists of two chemicals, dopamine which is the pleasure chemical and oxytocin which is the bonding chemical. After every break up, there are five phases that one will go through, namely denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

Frankly, i don't know much about love. Despite giving people advice about relationship since primary school, i hardly get any visit from cupid. Well, the only thing i know is logical person to person interaction, which was where my advice was based on, however recently, my emotions kind of caught up with my logical thinking. This is where i believe that no matter how much empathy that a person can have, one can never understand the feelings of others, to effectively advise them on how to solve their personal problems. Logic seems to be a thin line, where in reality it does not have any area of its own, but rather a manifestation of our imagination. Logic, merely separates the norms and deviances, and substain by what is commonly known as reasons. However, reasons need not be facts nor be accurate, but rather rely on the persuasion power of the speakers and the ignorance of the listeners. If love is neither logically and is blind, how do we truly know when you are in love? There are many who describe it as some form of emotions or actions, but as far as i see it, there is no ultimate truth in love. We might be manipulated to believe in something call love from all the love culture around us, and we want to believe in love because we need something worth living for in our otherwise miserable life. I might be sounding pessimistic, but it might be caused by my ignorance due to the lack of visit from cupid, or i might just be a being incapable of feeling love. Eitherway, i am still playing a game of treasure hunt, where the ultimate prize can be true love, or just the constructed love.


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