Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My last week of slacking before thesis horror

Currently the big chuck of my worries involve my final year project and the submission of the first draft of my thesis around the start of April. Despite almost in the panic mode, I am still taking things easy, and even started a mmorpg with Alvin, which is Rune of Magic. The game is currently taking a bit of my time, though I am forcing myself to cut down the playing time to really start writing my thesis, but the lack of results and understanding for my project is proving to be a big obstacle.

Still, life still prove to be rather smooth thus far and interesting to some extent. After not having yearly scout reunion because Miss Chan left to purse her master, we finally continue the tradition this year, and I found out that she went to New Zealand and not New York for her master, so much with all names with the 'New' beginning. As usual, the gathering had people signing up for it but not turning up. This year was a bit different, because there are actually people bringing their +1 along, be it girlfriend or wife. So the big topic for me during the gathering was definitely asking advice on becoming a teacher. I am surprise that Miss Chan thinks that I am suitable to become a teacher (or maybe that is how I interpreted her), despite being kind of crazy when I was a scout leader back then. She seems to think that even though the situation was not ideal back then, but I still handled it with patience and endurance (this is me paraphasing what I think she said). So the scouts are going to have their orientation camp at Pulau Ubin this week, I am soooo tempted to go, but two nights there seriously is not my cup of tea. Overnight is more suitable for me, who just can't stand unpleasant environment.

Group photo from the gathering:

Gathering aside, things have been rathering boring except when I go out, or in school talking crap with Choon Kiat, at home playing Rune of Magic or talking crap on msn with Alvin. Talking crap aside, I realize that I cannnot really start a conversation well when I want to, because to me everything seems so insignificant, unless I find something significant enough to talk about. Not to mention that I seem to be emotional insensitive in certain case (wonder if I am repeating myself), because while in logically sense I can see through other people, when it involve me I just get so blind. So pardon me if I act like an idiot, but I am sure that I always play the cautious card, damage prevention is always my initial move. But somehow, this always leave the ball in other people's court, which make it hard for me. I tried, but the results seem quite mixed. I am talking in encryptic mode, to try to say something without revealing anything haha. Looking forward to next meeting... although the anticipation is greater than the real meeting :x

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