Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desperate but not housewives?

Just watched an episode of Desperate Housewives today, season 5 episode 17 i believe. Quote from the art teacher that Susan is working with and Susan, "... i am someone who never went out and look for love, i assumed that it will find me, and it didn't... and i so afraid of being alone", and from Susan, "... i spent my own life putting myself out there, and today, i am still alone...".

What a contrasting comparision, but with the same result. Kind of make one thinks about whether there is a right path to take to achieve a good result. Because, most of us hope that we would not spend the rest of our life alone, not literally alone but rather there would be someone special in our lives to share our happiness and sorrow with. Thinking that destiny exists is one way of having hope that we would eventually find true love, because without the real thing, hope is what keep our lives burning, at least until a certain age where we finally realize that destiny is bullshit and all the childhood fairy tales are tales and with fairies for a reason.

Comparing between social norms and having someone by my side, i would rather take my chance at fighting social norms. Afterall, without a fight in my life, what excitment is there.

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