Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend of birthday celebration

Last weekend was quite a weekend for birthday celebration, first my uncle (my father eldest brother) 70th birthday celebration at Chevron and my grand-aunt (my father's mum's sister-in-law i believe) 88th birthday celebration at her house. A gathering at my father side is usually a big family gathering, and there were 7 tables for the celebration, with hired photographers for photo taking.

My family photo taking.

My cousin brought gifts from Shanghai i believe as door gift for everyone, a piece of jade and some traditional string for it.

The entire clan, with a few absentees.

The cousins of the clan.

The newest generation, all my nieces and nephews.

All the above photos courtesy of my cousin and my cousin-in-law.

For my grand-aunt birthday, basically it was just home-cooked food at her place. The irony was that the cake i had there was bigger as compared to the one i had for my uncle, a bigger cake for a crowd of around 10+ people as compared to a cake for around 70 people. O well, wish both of my grand-aunt and my uncle to stay in good health, although both of their healths are not so good recently, but still hope there are plenty of birthdays to come.

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