Monday, April 13, 2009

End of fyp presentation

Today i am so freaking relieve and happy at the same time, because my fyp presentation is finally over! Maybe happy is an understatement, i am truly overjoyed! A few months ago i was doubting that i can actually come up with anything for my fyp, last few weeks in doing my thesis and technical paper was traumatizing, but now it is almost over! I still need to finalize my thesis and probably work on the technical paper to submit for conference, but most of the requirements are done.

I would not say that my presentation was that great, in fact i went to school dressed in polo tee, pants and shoes, and realize that apparently the dress code of casual smart prove to be kind of formal, and everyone else was dressed in that manner. O well, the examiner kind of pointed out methods that i should actually do to validate my method, which obviously i have no idea about since my supervisor made it sound so simple by just using a word call simulation. I do not have the full idea about how it is to be done, and my supervisor's research assistant got busy halfway before i could get more help regarding the simulation. But all in all, the presentation do not feel horribly bad, which is kind of a comfort to me since i really felt really bad during my CA2. Now it's all over and done, time to slack a while before another presentation on Friday, then off to study for exams, could be my last exams!

Side note, finally my handphone contract is going to end this weekend. Finally can get a new phone after my old handphone got mugged in Saint Petersburg. Thinking of getting a LG Renoir, it seems to have good features, but i do not see many people using it. On a second thought, i am not really paying attention to what phone people are using. My sister just bought an iphone, and i just find not being able to drag and copy stuff into your computer or handphone troublesome. Not to mention that iphone is so expensive! I just hope that LG Renoir will be good and usual friendly.

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