Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thai Movies

With only one more presentation left on Friday, school is declared out for me since Tuesday. As part of my usual ritual since i entered university, end of school is the start of the study break for exam, and to do the transition i typically spend a few days just slacking. Just relax, sleep more, watch movies and dramas and stone more. So, in two days, i have watched like probably 7 movies or something and some drama episodes. I have watched a couple of Thai movies, and found them to be really good. These movies gave a different feel to compared to similar genre from other countries. For Asian movies, typically Hong Kong ones are trashy, Japanese and Korean are quite nice largely due to their beautiful cast and soapy sometimes outrageous plots, i hardly watch China movies while Taiwan movies do have some nice one.

So here, i will recommend 4 Thai movies, 1 of them i watched last year, another probably last week and two of them just yesterday. All of these movies involve romance plot, but included other segments such as family and friendship components which i found it to be really good.

The first one will be Love of Siam, which was probably one of the most talk about movie last year i believe, largely due to its never expected kind of plot from its trailer. The movie is basically a coming of age story, 2.5 hrs long, while the director cut is around 3hrs. One of the best movie that i have ever watched, what can i say, movie with good music is priceless.

The next movie i have no idea what is the English title for the movie because i caught this movie on PPstream, not to mention the websites that i found the other Thai movies are Chinese site. This movie talks about 4 different love story, but probably only one of the story that makes me go WOW, but then, apparently the move was from Love Actually, which i have never seen before.

The third movie is probably named Friendship or You and Me, directly translated from the Chinese version. This story talks about the story between a gangster liked guy and this ultra quiet girl. What strikes me was the ending, which left a large area of interpretation for the viewers to decide what actually happened, rather than finishing the story. All in all, is quite a sad story about how it just wasn't meant to be.

The last movie is call Seasons Change. The movie is about how a guy secretly enrolled in a music school just to try to be with the girl he likes, even though his parents, like typically parents think that he will have no future studying music. Since the story is set in a music school, there are plenty of music, especially classical music which i have start to enjoy a bit since watching Beethoven's Virus. I find the movie plot rather different, because it tends to develop differently from movies with similar plot. To conclude, this movie is a small piece of cake, that does not have the big design nor fanciful decoration, but it still taste good.

All these movies can be found on or, just need to search the Chinese name.

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