Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sweet Rain

Just caught this movie by Kaneshiro Takeshi on PPStream and the quality is not too shabby. The movie was surprisingly simple, using simple story lines to derive a deeper meaning. The story talks about Takeshi, a shinigami going to talk to his prospective dying candidate, to see if they should die. The movie consists of three stories, all about the candidates that Takeshi went to meet, and the relationship is only revealed at the end of the movie. The main character behind the story, a lady who at young age started experiencing deaths, with most of her loved ones dead. Her life is just full of bad luck according to her, and even suspect that a stalker is after her. The first and second story seems rather random, only till the third story then the entire story unfold. The story links like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, surprisingly revealed in the third story to give an understanding of the first and second story. At the end of it, death is just about the end, it can be the start, the start of understanding about life. As what people said, only when they have experienced death, will they truly appreciate the value of life. Life can suck and probably unfair, but i guess there are plenty of other things to appreciate even when you have nothing to look forward to. Because amidst the uncertainty of tomorrow, there is still hope that anything can happen, and it might not be necessarily bad.

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